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No time to clean?  Is your mess keeping you from doing what you want and need to be doing? We are a top rated Cleaning Service.  House and Commercial in South Lake Tahoe 96150. Call 530-665-8946 for quotes and scheduling.

Now . . .  imagine yourself doing your top priority activities, hobbies or doing your highest profit activities . . . while your cleaning is done by top notch team. Our Cleaning Service for House and Commercial here in  South Lake Tahoe 96150 are said to be top rated . . . see our reviews. . . click here to see our YELP listing and reviews!

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Suppose your cleaning is done . . . now what do you WANT to do?

What could freeing up all that valuable time mean to you?

Doing what you are good at, enjoy and know will put more money in your pocket?
More time with your kids?
More time enjoying your favorite hobbies?
More time contributing to others?
More time to stay healthy, exercise or play . . . go on trip?
Perhaps simply take time to throw your feet up and enjoy life?

You are invited to experience Freedom! Our Cleaning Service for House and Business, Commercial is here to serve you today Just call 530-665-8946 and find out how easy it is to let your cleaning be done by the best . . . call now 530-665-8946.

  • Husband – to – Super Hero
  • How does she “do it all?” – Wonder Woman maker
  • You make more money or progress – we transform your space!
  • Pet impact reduction
  • Office and Business -  Janitorial
  • Multi Unit


  • Impressing your wife, husband and friends and Co-worker!  Have more fun or make more money and have the cleanest space to thrive in.
  • Making more efficient use of your day to make better products and services for your customers?
  • Improving your health, playing more, having time to breath?

Your best choice:

  •  Locally owned cleaning service for the Tahoe area.
  • Guaranteed to be satisfied
  • Top Rated

Call Now! 530-665-8946  Or you can have us call you . . . (see form below)

Let’s free up your time and energy to do the things that you want and need . . .  while Chris’s Cleaning Team makes your chores disappear.

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